Controls Solution
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Controls Solution

FA Controls has gained much expertise over the last decade in controls systems, software and factory automation systems. Our customers from a wide range of industries put their trust in our complete solutions for controllers, visualization and communication.


FA Controls approach to controls systems which is simple, unique and systematic – designed to minimizing project risk through partnering with industry leading key products such as B&R, Siemens, Cermate and Fatek.
Our approach is to minimize the risk and reduces complexity by:


  • Thorough requirements analysis
  • Fast and less expensive implementation.
  • Lowest maintenance costs.
  • Flexibility on adjustable solution.
  • Unparalleled scalability.
  • Consolidation of applications.

As one of the leader in control system solutions we are constantly looking at ways of improving operations, ease of maintenance and most importantly reliability and cost of ownership. By following strict guidelines, FA Controls is able to deliver solutions that are easy to follow and meet specific process applications.


From small OEM applications to multi layer/multi vendor networked solutions our engineers are capable of providing you the controls system that can be integrating with a wide range of peripheral equipment:


  • Distributed I/O networks
  • Instrumentation and energy meters
  • Drives and servo systems
  • Safety systems
  • Intelligent pneumatic equipment
  • Barcode and tracking systems
  • Robots and vision systems
  • Operator interfaces including SCADA/HMI

We believe there is more we can do to apply the most cost effective, more flexibility, and more adaptability drive solution for your application. Should you need to post or fax information to us, pleaseĀ click here.