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Environmental friendly MATRIX Converter


3 ˜ 200V …. 220V  +10%  -15%    5.5 – 22(45)kW (motor rated power)
3 ˜ 400V …. 440V  +10%  -15%    5.5 – 22(75)kW (motor rated power)

The Varispeed AC Matrix converter is the next level inverter drive technology. The Varispeed AC incorporates technological innovation as world’s first matrix converter, which directly converts input AC voltage to output AC voltage. The Varispeed AC improves energy efficiency and also overcomes many problems associated with general-purpose inverters.


The Matrix Converter Varispeed AC is a direct inverter drive. It directly connects line voltage with the motor using bi-directional IGBTs without the use of an intermediate circuit. Maximum output voltage is about 95% of the input voltage. It applies to U/f operations as well as current vector mode in open loop and closed loop operations.


Typical applications for the Matrix converter result from two main advantages of this converter: Power regeneration function and low total harmonic distortion. Both characteristics contribute to reasonable application in roller dynameters test benches of the automotive industry, gear box test benches, elevators, escalators, cranes, hoists, centrifuges and rotary tables. Low harmonic distortion is very important for application in separated power supply networks or emergency units.



* Direct Converter (without intermediate circuit)
* Generative mode with sinusoidal recirculation
* Low harmonic distortion (< 6%)
* Same operating panel as F7, G7 and E7



* Roller dynameters test benches of the automotive industry
* Gear box test benches
* Elevators and escalators
* Cranes, hoists
* Centrifuges
* Rotary tables