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IDAM one of the pioneers in the area of direct drive technology.
IDAM places high-quality products at it’s client’s disposal. The development team concentrates mainly on finding tailor made solutions for the customer’s specific requirements.
In a wide variety of applications, highly optimised systems are designed to meet the high demands on dynamic and accuracy.
Ancillary one can find standard stages and systems produced by IDAM.
The large assortment of standard stages from the series “DT” allows a multitude of possible assembly combinations.

IDAM rotary direct drive stages includes the following parts:

* IDAM rotary direct drives in different type ranges
* Servo amplifiers and controllers
* High accuracy, non contacting rotary encoders
* High precision mechanical bearings or air bearings
* Mechanical stage parts from own production
* Integrated special cable management


Design of rotary direct drive stages:
Because of the compact design of the direct drive type “RM” the assembly set (rotor and stator) is suitable for integration in many mechanical construction with an bearing.


The design of IDAM direct drive rotary stages is realized with housing components, bearings, measurement systems and connector terminals.
The large assortment of direct drive rotary stages includes different types of direct rotary drives.


The different types of motors:

* Types RI/ RE, Internal-rotor / external-rotor up to Ø 1,000 mm, high torque
* Types HSR/ HSRV, for special applications with High-Speed requirements
* Types RM, slotles and cogging-free motors, with any diameter up to 2.5 m


Examples of application:

* Test and control tables
* Semiconductor pick-and-place machines
* NC rotary tables in machine tool applications


These options are available:

* Block air
* Integrated air- or water-cooling
* Limit switches (for revolution less then 360°)
* Integrated connector terminals
* Multi-axis design
* Development for tailor made solutions