Automation PC 620
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Automation PC 620

The innovative industrial PC
The modular, fan-free industrial PC from B&R provides optimal flexibility and ergonomics.

The new Automation PC 620 relies on experience collected over many years of industrial PC development and many applications. The result: the APC620 – providing optimal adaptability and ergonomics. The mechanical design is based on the results of extensive shock and vibration tests that place the highest demands on the materials. The APC620’s main advantages are its modular design, the flexibility of the slots and the well thought out arrangement of interfaces and drives.


The display units have also been updated with new technology. Modular interfaces allow adjustments to be made to meet various requirements.


Reliability over many years

The B&R development engineers considered the importance of long-term availability when choosing which components to use. After all, the product life span of a B&R Industrial PC series is 10 years and longer. Furthermore, the use of B&R industrial PCs in tough production environments places special demands on reliability and longevity.


The elimination of cable connections for PC components, stable fitting of circuit boards and the optional use of mass memory without rotating parts (CompactFlash) together with a very robust mechanical construction accounts for a high level of protection against breakdowns.

Long-term availability


All processors and chipsets used by B&R come from the Intel® Embedded Division, which guarantees longterm availability.

The new Atom™ generation can be equipped with up to 2 GB of fast DDR2 SDRAM, twice as much as before on the APC620 and Panel PC 700.

Fan-free operation – A plus for many applications
The Automation PC 620 and Panel PC 700, which have been proven in thousands of applications, and the Intel® Atom™ processor represent an unbeatable combination. Here in the first construction step, the housing construction of the APC620 and PPC700, which is optimized for fanfree operation, shows its full strength because the components that have to be cooled the most, such as processor and chipset, are mounted directly on the large heat sink. The Intel® Atom™ N270 processor with 1.6 GHz clock frequency offers a significantly higher performance than the Pentium® M 1.1 GHz. However, the power consumption of the Atom™ processor is less than that of a Celeron® M 600 processor. The user profits from the low current requirements and extended temperature range in fan-free operation compared to Pentium® M processors with the same performance.

Intel® Atom™


The Intel® Atom™ processors are based on an entirely new microarchitecture that is optimized for small size and minimum power consumption while providing good performance. The N270 processor (code name Diamondville) used in the APC620 and PPC700 has a TDP value (Thermal Design Power – the maximum power consumption of a processor) of only 2.5 W at a clock frequency of 1.6 GHz, which is less than a Celeron® M running at 600 MHz. In spite of this fact, its performance is significantly higher than a Pentium® M 1.1 GHz. The N270 is manufactured using advanced 45 nm technology. The target markets are Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs), Ultra Mobile PCs (Netbooks) and embeddedpplications in industrial environments.